University of Pittsburgh Department of Cell Biology

Faculty Directory (Primary Faculty)

Dept. of Cell Biology
Alexander Sorkin, Ph.D.
Richard Beatty Mellon Professor and Chair - 412-624-3116

Name Title Telephone Email
Meir Aridor, Ph.D. Associate Professor 412-624-1970
Michael B. Butterworth, Ph.D. Associate Professor 412-383-8591
Daniel C. Devor, Ph.D. Professor 412-383-8755
Peter F. Drain, Ph.D. Associate Professor 412-648-9412
Gerry Hammond, Ph.D. Associate Professor 412-383-2215
Yang Hong, Ph.D. Associate Professor 412-648-2845
Neil Hukriede, Ph.D. Professor
Director, Center for Integrative Organ Systems (cenIOS)
Adam Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. Associate Professor 412-383-8139
Sanford H. Leuba, Ph.D. Associate Professor 412-623-7788
Guang Li, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 412-692-9832
Sandra A. Murray, Ph.D. Professor 412-648-9566
Shiori Sekine, PhD Assistant Professor 412-383-0867
Donghun Shin, Ph.D. Professor 412-624-2144
Alexander Sorkin, Ph.D. Richard Beatty Mellon Professor and Chair, Dept of Cell Biology 412-624-3116
Claudette M. St. Croix, Ph.D. Professor 412-624-0180
Donna Beer Stolz, Ph.D. Professor 412-383-7283
Jay Tan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 412-624-2291
Steven Truschel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 412-648-9409
Michael Tsang, Ph.D. Professor
Director, Integrative Systems Biology (ISB) Graduate Program
Karina J Vargas, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 412-648-9360
Deepika Vasudevan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 412-624-2080
Simon C. Watkins, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor and Vice Chair 412-648-3051
Alan Watson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 412-648-9796
Matthew Wohlever, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 412-648-9360
Name Title Telephone Email