University of Pittsburgh Department of Cell Biology
  • Research

    The central theme of my research program is to dissect molecular signaling pathways controlling vascular function in rodent and zebrafish model systems of disease. This work encompasses the development and validation of the system-based microscopic approaches to collect real time metrics of vascular performance (blood flow, vascular reactivity and barrier function) in transgenic zebrafish models.  This in vivo systems-based approach allows us to observe endothelial function/dysfunction at the molecular level and provide: 1) mechanistic insight into diverse disease processes; 2) a potential way to identify key target molecules for future prophylactic and/or treatment strategies; 3) avenues for the testing of potential therapeutic interventions. This model system and my imaging approaches are central to funded collaborations with colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University to develop novel genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors for reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS and RNS, respectively), and to apply these new sensors to establish the role of ROS and RNS based signaling in the regulation of vascular tone and barrier function in cell culture and animal models of vascular disease.

  • Publications

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