University of Pittsburgh Department of Cell Biology

Cell Biology Resources

  • Center for Biologic Imaging

    The Center for Biologic Imaging (CBI) is one of the largest optical imaging centers in the country. CBI is equipped with over 200 terabytes of online storage space and most current image analysis systems.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Research Center

    The central goal of the Cystic Fibrosis Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh is to provide improved treatments, and ultimately a cure, for cystic fibrosis. Our strategy is to implement this goal using our strengths in understanding the basic science of CF and to translate this knowledge into clinical investigations of new CF therapies.
  • Machine Shop

    The CBP/Pharmacology Machine Shop provides consultation, design and fabrication services to School of Medicine investigators who need specialized devices for experimental use. These services are also available to UPMC faculty physicians who need specialized clinical devices. The Shop personnel can also diagnose and repair mechanical scientific machinery and equipment, and working in conjunction with the CBP/Pharmacology Electronics Shop.
  • Electronic Shop

    The CBP/Pharmacology Electronics Shop, can address the repair of electronically controlled scientific machinery and equipment. Services are fee based and accounts are required at the time of request of service.