University of Pittsburgh Department of Cell Biology

About the Department of Cell Biology

Cell Biology comprises the research efforts of a diverse collection of scientists devoted to understanding the fundamental functions of cells, collections of cells and organisms. Our work extends from molecular structure to protein interactions, from membrane composition and traffic to organelle formation and function, from growth factor and immunological signaling events to complex developmental processes, from animal models to disease mechanisms. For more information on specific programs, click here, or press the "Research" button on the toolbar.

Our discipline lies also at the hub of the medical and graduate curricula. We contribute classroom and laboratory instruction in histology, anatomy, cell biology and physiology at the School of Medicine. The Ph.D. program has a rich tradition of scientific training and discovery. Graduates of the Ph.D. program are now chairs of departments at six major U.S. medical schools. Our interactions with clinical departments provide students with unique opportunities to extend their basic studies toward translational applications in genetic diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity.