University of Pittsburgh Department of Cell Biology

Electronic Shop

The CB/Pharmacology Electronics Shop, can address the repair of electronically controlled scientific machinery and equipment. Services are fee based and accounts are required at the time of request of service.

We repair centrifuges,ovens,mechanical equipment,computers,data systems,test equipment, and more.
We build acquisition systems, heating systems, photodiode systems, Led lighting, Electrodes, Ussing products, and much more.

Together with the machine shop, we are able to collaborate and produce excellent products.

We are here to support the research facility. We are also able to give our support to other departments,inside and out of the University and to others.

Please call us for your experiment emergencies.

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Location: A115 Scaife Hall
Tel: 412-648-9444
Hours: 8am-4pm
Days: Mon-Fri
Director: Simon Watkins, Ph.D. 
Manager: Travis Wheeler 
Contact: Dominick Caimano