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St. Croix Lab

In the St. Croix Lab, we develop and utilize a combination of advanced optical imaging technologies to dissect molecular signaling pathways controlling vascular function in rodent and zebrafish model systems of disease. Much of this work involves the application of optical microscopy to the study of living systems, specifically combining free radical imaging, FRET, confocal, multiphoton and physiologic measurements in live model systems, tissues and cells.

In my leadership role at the CBI, I have well-established, active and productive collaborations with NIH funded investigators that use an array of elite level imaging modalities to study molecular signaling events in living cells, tissue and animal models. Specifically, one of my major roles within the CBI is to manage and direct the use and application of fluorescence-based optical microscopy for collaborators within the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. This includes the design and development of appropriate imaging and image analysis approaches with faculty; overseeing training; managing access; and ensuring the devices are well maintained and managed by CBI staff members.

Links to publications:

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