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SFM Images of Mildly Trypsinized Chicken Erythrocyte Chromatin Fibers

We have used mild trypsin hydrolysis to analyze the contributions of the linker histone domains and the N-termini of core histone H3 to chromatin fiber structure. Trypsin cleaves the tails of the linker histones and the N-tail of core histone H3 leaving the other core histones intact.

Leuba, S. H., Bustamante, C., Zlatanova, J., and van Holde, K. Contributions of linker histones and histone H3 to chromatin structure: scanning force microscopy studies on trypsinized fibers. Biophys. J. 74(6) 2823-2829 1998a PDF file

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Control Chromatin Fiber

16 min. Trypsinized Chromatin Fiber

32 Min. Trypsinized
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1 Hour Trypsinized

8 Hours Trypsinized

Linker Histone-stripped Control
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