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SFM Images of Linker Histone-stripped Chromatin Fibers Reconstituted with H5 or GH5

Leuba et al. 1998b, Biophysical Journal

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Control Chromatin Fiber

Linker Histone-stripped Chromatin Fiber
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Linker Histone-stripped Chromatin Fiber
Reconstituted with Linker Histone H5

Linker Histone-stripped Chromatin Fiber
Reconstituted with the Globular Domain of H5
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Scheme of Reconstitution of Linker Histone and the Globular Domain
of Linker Histone H5 onto Linker Histone-stripped Chromatin Fibers

Zlatanova et al. 1998 Biophysical Journal

Leuba, S. H., Bustamante, C., van Holde, K., and Zlatanova, J. Linker Histone tails and N-tails of histone H3 are redundant: scanning force microscopy studies of reconstituted fibers. Biophys. J. 74(6) 2830-2839 1998b PDF file

Zlatanova, J., Leuba, S. H., and van Holde, K. Chromatin fiber structure: morphology, molecular determinants, structural transitions. Biophys. J. 74(5) 2554-2566 1998 PDF file