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Truschel Lab

My primary role within the department is teaching, principally as course director of the graduate Histology course, which is taken by the majority of students in Cell Biology. This course features a comprehensive study of the microscopic anatomy of all organ systems using a combination of traditional microscope glass slides as well as virtual microscopy slides available on the School of Medicine website. Upon successful completion of this course, students are eligible for teaching fellowships within the Medical School curriculum. I also contribute to other courses within the School of Medicine through teaching and/or course design.

Additionally, I maintain collaborative research projects with principal investigators both from within the University and from other research institutions. These collaborations are in conjunction with the Center for Biologic Imaging within the Department of Cell Biology and the Renal-Electrolyte Division in the Department of Medicine. Current areas of research include 1) characterization of age-induced changes in various tissue types of the urinary bladder, 2) understanding age-induced defects in the endo-lysosomal organelles of the bladder epithelium, and 3) correlating structural and functional defects in mitochondria resulting from spinal cord injury.

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