Post-doctoral position

We are currently seeking a highly motivated post doc to join our growing team. The successful applicant will use state-of-the-art optical super-resolution and single molecule approaches to probe the molecular architecture of the plasma membrane. The project involves using newly devised chemical and optogenetic tools to interrogate how lipid dynamics control and coordinate parallel membrane functions, from endocytosis to signal transduction. We are tackling these problems in genetically tractable cultured cell lines, as well as model cell systems relevant to vascular disease and asthma. More detailed information on the lab and the project are available at


The Cell Biology department forms the core of one of the most vibrant communities of basic cell biologists in the country, based both at the University of Pittsburgh and the neighboring Carnegie Mellon University. The department houses the Center for Biologic Imaging, one of the largest optical imaging centers in the US with equipment and expertise in cutting-edge optical and electron imaging technology. Being located in a large academic medical center, the lab has an established network of collaborators working in both chemical biology and translational research. The laboratory also benefits from being centrally located in Pittsburgh, one of the fastest growing and most culturally rich yet affordable cities in the US.


The successful candidate will hold a PhD in a biomedical science and have experience in basic molecular cell biology, including routine molecular biology and cell culture. Prior experience of live cell and advanced fluorescence imaging techniques and/or gene editing will be advantageous, but not essential. Training in the more advanced techniques is a key aim of the post doctoral position; the biggest requirement is the enthusiasm and ambition of the candidate to make important contributions to cell biology, particularly in our lab’s focus on the regulation of membrane dynamics by lipid signaling.


Interested applicants should send a current CV, along with a covering email outlining their interest in the position to the PI, Gerry Hammond (contact).


We welcome rotation students with an interest in any learning cutting-edge live-cell imaging, computational image analysis or cell biology in general. Applications are welcome year round. The lab actively participates in the IBGP, MBS, ISB and MSTP programs at Pitt; interested students should approach Gerry Hammond directly (contact).


We also encourage undergraduates to get involvedwith research in our lab. Opportunities are available through the First Experiences in Research, Continuing Experiences in Research and Summer Undergraduate Research Programs, though other opportunities may be available throughout the year - just email Dr. Hammond and let him know you're interested (contact)!

Department of Cell Biology