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    • Georgia K. Duker, Ph.D.

    Georgia K. Duker, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor
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    My contributions to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine are primarily through teaching. I contribute as a faculty member to ten separate courses throughout the first and second years of the medical students’ education. My responsibilities include lectures, problem-based learning sessions, microscopy laboratories and tutorial sessions. For six of these courses, I direct the microscopy labs in normal histology. My photographs have been formed into slide-based lab sessions to cover many of the organ system studied. In 2002, my thrust was to contribute to the new medical education web site: . Annotated Kodachrome collections now guide students through the renal, gastrointestinal and reproductive systems. The entire Kodachrome collection is available to students in the Histology Resource Room adjacent to my office. Here, Kodachromes, glass slides, projectors, multiheaded microscopes and a variety of current texts are available for students to review material.

    Within the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology I am course director for the Graduate Histology course. This course is taken by the majority of our students. It is abroad survey of all the organ systems, focusing on structure/function correlations. For most students it is the only time they encounter a full body overview of systems beyond their own research. Graduate students within the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology may then serve as Teaching Fellows for the Histology labs within Medical School courses. One of my roles is coordinator of the Teaching Fellows, especially to oversee their training and preparation.

    A third role has emerged for me as a School of Medicine Coordinator for the Undergraduate Honors College Program. In 2002, I created a new course, Biomedicine: Past, Present and Future. This course examined 12 significant biotechnologies via their history and future applications. Twenty-eight faculty from the School of Medicine were recruited to contribute. This course is to be one of three from the School of Medicine to form the core requirements for a new Certificate in the History of Medicine. The Certificate program, coordinated by Dr. Johnathon Erlen, will be offered through the Undergraduate Honors College. It is an inter-university program with course offering from the University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon University. Students from all three universities are permitted to cross register for the courses. This is the first inter-university certificate program in Pittsburgh.

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